Angry Birds Potty Chart for Boys


This customizable chart allows you great flexibility in choosing what part of potty training you want to emphasize for your child. Whether you want to log 25 days of successful training or want to track different steps of the potty process for five days, the way you set up this chart is up to you. If your child is an Angry Birds fan, you can use the premise of the game to help your little one to understand how potty training is a process, and as they progress, they will be leveling up their lives and will be better able to defeat the pigs.

Whether you customize the chart using computer software or real-life measures, you should consider printing this .pdf off in black-and-white. This will give you and your little one an opportunity for some quality (and practical) coloring time, and will help your little one take ownership of their training.

You can download this file in PDF format: Angry Birds Potty Chart.